23-24AW Collection Story
"Come, as you are, as you were..."
The rough, fragmented voice of Cobain came through the headphones,
Retracing the stage of 90s Grunge;
Overhead, the hot and restless spotlight, reflecting the tension of longing for rebellion,
With a single press of the music play button, a sense of freedom uncontrollably poured out.
In this edition, CEEC revolves around the 80s-90s Grunge culture, with the rough and distorted texture of music as the focal point. CEEC.LA skillfully combines its expertise in silhouette, distressed details, and vintage techniques within the 23AW clothing line, initiating a vanguard movement that reshapes rules through destruction.
The new collection employs the decadent aura of GRUNGE STYLE blended with high-street elements, resulting in a newvintage visual. The distinctive CEECLA classic patches, badges, studs, and handcrafted distressed elements that embody the GRUNGE spirit are integrated throughout the collection, which includes loose worn-in denim, striped sweaters, oversized utility jackets, zip-up hoodies, and more. This infusion of rebelliousness, boldly projected under the spotlight, seamlessly melds into the current gender-neutral ethos, conveying a raw and direct expression of "a new attitude of liberation and inclusiveness." This allows both the products and individuals to equally embrace the novel experience of "wearing music."
This gives rise to the core of this season's CEEC.LA 23/AW collection, "EXPLORE".
Turn up the volume, allowing music to vent and express, recapturing the lost autumn-winter spirit through its new creations.